Throughout 22 years of work, we’ve provided services for clients with diverse profiles. This fact has implied challenges of technological, professional and organizational nature to which we respond today with specialty areas within our corporation.


Each one of these areas is integrated by expert work teams that thoroughly know their clients’ needs.


This division focuses on safeguarding personal, family and corporate assets.

By means of intelligent technologies, we provide solutions to preserve the wellbeing and serenity on residential premises.

As for our integral solutions designed for industrial and commercial clients, they are focused on reducing operating costs by simplifying security processes that protect persons, assets and inventories.


Public Security is priority to every government. SeguriTech develops cutting-edge technological solutions for this strategic sector.

Our commitment with society inspires us to always go a step beyond with innovative solutions that help fight and prevent delinquency in communities.


This division integrates modern infrastructure to ensure the most efficient and reliable service available.

By means of voice, video and data transmissions, we help improve the safety of our clients.


Our aerial and satellite systems provide top-notch technological solutions for the transmission of data.


Our service involves stages of design, project, engineering and on-site building for public security facilities.